The Smartest Fitness Accessory You’ll Buy This Year


Every young whipper snapper clutches theirs in a bid to make themselves look more manly and alpha in the gym changing room.

Of course I’m talking about their shaker cup.

They’re still stuck in the paradigm where they think that downing a protein shake immediately after training and grunting loudly in the weights room have a direct relationship to the size of their muscles.

Their shaker cups are always plastered with some kind of machismo slogan like ‘go heavy or go home’ or other such nonsense.

But for the more discerning consumer, these shakers are utterly useless in the real world.

The real world for me and my clients means needing a shaker that doesn’t leak, is practical, durable, actually mixes the protein powder as opposed to making a lumpy mess and finally……..looks great.

The kind folks at SmartShake were generous enough to send me one of their shakers to test.

Here’s my verdict…….


LOOKS – 9/10

Simple fact is that nothing gets a 10/10.  Well, not much anyway.

These shakers look the BUSINESS!

Most of their range comes in vivid neon colours but don’t look the slightest bit cheap or tacky.  They have a really nice matte finish to them which looks super classy.

Two SmartShake in Total Fitness Coaching colours

SmartShake in Total Fitness Coaching colours

The fact that the green & blue ones match the Total Fitness Coaching logo perfectly is almost enough to push them up to a 10/10.

You can make them more interesting by mixing n matching the cups, lids and storage compartments into different colour combinations too.

A few more interesting colour schemes \ patterns in the future would be a welcome addition to the product line though.  Uber neon is uber cool, make no mistake but some might prefer a slightly ‘busier’ design.



I cracked! I just can’t hold back the 10/10 in this category.

I’ve had numerous shakers that are so useless you could easily choke on the lumps & clumps left over, even after several minutes of vigorous shaking.

The SmartShake does a great job of mixing all kinds of protein powders (including thick ones like casein) and any other powdered supplements you choose for that matter.

The best part about the design in terms of mixing is that your protein shakes will come out frothy if you shake them enough which will give them a more creamy, milkshake like consistency.



Ok, things are getting a little crazy around here with the 10/10’s but practicality is where the SmartShake stands out above the competition the most.

For my clients a shaker cup is their ticket to convenience and flexibility with their nutrition when travelling or commuting.  Virtually every shaker cup I’ve ever owned has had one major flaw – they leak.

It doesn’t matter how tightly you screw the lid on, you can guarantee that your iPad is going to get covered in water by the time you get to your office, meeting or hotel room.

No amount of Corby trouser pressing is going to help you if you have leftover protein shake splashed all over your only pair of suit trousers.

The SmartShake lid screws on tightly and never gets cross threaded like a lot of other shakers.  The result is that it has not leaked the whole time I have been using it.

Now let’s consider practicality in terms of space.  If you’re travelling or commuting you don’t want to be lugging a huge bag round with you no matter how strong you are.  It’s just too much hassle.  Having a huge shaker cup as well as something to store your protein powder & supplements in is going to take up valuable space in your trendy man bag or brief case.

The SmartShake cup holds up to 400ml of liquid which is more than enough for any shake no matter what supplements you want to add to it.

Now factor in the two compartments that screw to the bottom of the shaker cup and you’re really economising your available space.  The bigger compartment is enough for 2 scoops of protein powder or your items of choice.

In liquid terms this is 160ml so if you prefer to carry extra water to rinse your shaker out when you’re done it’s ideal.  Word of warning here; never leave a used protein shaker for too long.  The smell is like nothing you’ve ever experienced and you’ll be forced to hold your breath when you open it or risk vomiting.  If it gets too bad you might have to just throw the whole shaker straight in the bin!

The smaller compartment gives you an additional 120ml storage for whatever you choose.SmartShake Compartment

The SmartShake also comes with a cool crosshair divider to go in either compartment, creating 4 smaller sections for any tablets or pills that might be part of your daily health regime.

I have also seen the compartments used for wedding rings (while in the gym, not playing away from home), car keys or even just loose change.




Don’t get me wrong, this is the best shaker I have tried and it does look great.

But looks and coolness are two separate things.

To a gym goer you will be revered as a god when they see you proudly using the SmartShake.  An extremely classy god at that.  One that is sophisticated, stylish and who means business.

But leave it on your desk as a status symbol of your manliness and those around you are likely to wrongly assume you are now into pro bodybuilding.

This is true of all shakers though so maybe I’m being a little unfair.

If however you want to display your gym going status so that your fans can admire your dedication and toned physique from afar, there is a carabiner included to clip it to your gym bag.



While the players wanna play play play play play and the haters gonna hate hate hate hate hate I’m just gonna shake it off and I’ll be using a SmartShake to do it.

Having used the SmartShake a lot recently I have to say that it is going to be my number one choice for every day gym use and especially when travelling to see clients.

So if you want a no nonsense shaker that won’t leak, looks cool and doubles up as somewhere to store your supplements (whether they be pills or powders), then this is most definitely what you need.

The only downside is that the plain design might be a little too conservative for some but the neon colours make up for that in my opinion.

If you really need to travel light, the smaller ‘slim’ series has just one storage compartment other than the cup with the cup itself being narrower .  If however you need to consume gargantuan sized shakes the XL range comes with a 700ml cup.

SmartShake Shaker Cup

SmartShake are available from all good online retailers.

You can also order directly from their website

For more information you can also find them on the following social media:

Twitter: @SmartShakeUK


Facebook: SmartShakeUK


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