10421362_10152672523672950_9117097268113409956_nKevin Holt

I have been training on and off for the last 2 ish years. I had gained a little personal success over the years. Nothing to write home about for some, but the work I had put in myself impressed me, and some of my closest friends.

Now, I had decided to take on the task of an IronMan triathlon! Mental!

But I was worried. Triathletes, be it the ultimate in physical and mental fitness in my eyes, but damn are they lean and skinny. A look that I don’t particularly want after growing up and being that skinny guy! I had put on a small amount of size and didn’t want to lose it.

Enter Bjorn Dawson.

We had our initial call. I was buzzing. I hadn’t been this motivated in a long time. The deal was done. I had given him my goals and targets and he was away working his magic.

After a few chats and emails the plan was ready. It was tailored to my goals and lifestyle. I was impressed.

I’ll be the first to admit it, it was hard. The training plan was a mix of strength training and “cardio”.

Bjorn was there whenever I needed him.

I did find it hard at first to pick up the phone, but that was down to me not wanting to abuse the privilege.  Bjorn made this much easier by “checking in” with me. It was every couple of days to start off with, but then moved to weekly once I became used to the process and more confident in contacting him when I needed to.

He tailored my nutrition plan based on my weekly results, and we altered the training plan based on my levels of fitness improving and results coming in.

I genuinely enjoyed working with Bjorn. He is very understanding to people’s needs and what they want the program to achieve, whilst fitting it around their goals, lifestyle, and damn injuries! I would definitely use him again in the future and I’m more than happy to recommend him.

Alex Kapka

I had wanted to try out an online coach for quite some time, I was struggling to understand what they could offer me that I couldn't  do for myself.

I was lucky enough to begin working with Bjorn just after Christmas 2014 - about 6 weeks into my recovery from a back injury.

Having an online coach has been eye opening. Bjorn is attentive and reflexive – designing both my macro plan and my training around my physical needs/restrictions, and tweaking it in response to my feedback along the way. Bjorn’s programming has taken me from body weight work whilst my back recovered, to squat, bench and deadlift PRs nearly every week. I've also seriously improved my back strength.

Despite massive leaps in strength, for my first cycle I actually chose to focus on fat-loss, which meant dieting. Over this period Bjorn has been patient and kind whilst I have gone through weeks of travelling and eating out with work, personal stress and questionable adherence to my macros.

Having a coach has given me the accountability I felt I needed for my diet. Bjorn has enabled me to be more honest about food, first with myself and now with him, whilst he has offered nothing but support.

I have been consistently and pleasantly surprised by his creativity and understanding in this area – he has helped me to make more mental break-throughs than I think he is even aware of. Gradually, with his help, my ability to diet successfully is improving.

Bjorn is available almost constantly. He replies to emails at all hours of the day, will revisit my program upon request, and can be booked in for Skype calls with relatively short notice if I need help.  He is also supportive via various social media – Instagram being my communication of choice – celebrating my successes with me.

I feel better about myself inside and out. My body is changing shape daily, the way I feel about my body becomes more positive every day and my strength has sky rocketed. I’m no longer focused on an elusive time in the future where I might look and feel my best – I’m learning to live in the moment, appreciate my body for what it can do and to love what I see in the mirror. You can’t really put a price on that.

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"I have been consistently and pleasantly surprised by his creativity and understanding  – he has helped me to make more mental break-throughs than I think he is even aware of" -- Alex Kapka

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