How To Enjoy Social Eating Without Ruining Your Progress

Large buffet table

No matter how long you’ve been training or being mindful of your nutrition, no doubt the biggest pitfall you’ve encountered is eating things you haven’t prepared yourself or hadn’t planned for. You’ve been dieting hard all week, lifting heavy, maybe even doing some dreaded cardio sessions and then at the weekends it all seems to…

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Bulking By Numbers – A Beginner’s Guide To Gaining Lean Mass

Hard Gainer, Ectomorph

‘Eat to grow’ and ‘eat big, get big’ are the common mantra served up to self-proclaimed ‘hard gainers’ who want to add size. But what exactly does this mean in a world of calories and macro’s and how much is too much, if there is such a thing? If you have ever called yourself a…

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How To Diet Without Counting Calories

No Calorie Counting

The diet world is full of many things; opinions, books, products, methods, marketing, weight loss clubs and a whole lot of nonsense. In general, the majority of the dieting industry is more concerned with making money than making people healthy. After all, it’s fantastic business. As a population we are more overweight and less active…

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How To Overcome Cravings

I NEED a chocolate bar! How many times have you heard someone in your office say this? You’ve probably even said it yourself. Whether your vice is crisps, biscuits, cakes or cookies we all experience cravings at some time. They most commonly attack mid-morning, mid-afternoon or either side of dinner like a stealthy ninja and…

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Setting Dieting And Training Goals

Every January I see and influx of enquiries for online coaching from people who have decided that the new year is the time for a fresh start. Most commonly their e-mail goes along these lines ‘I want to lose 4 stone by April’. The weight and timescale vary but often the numbers are just random…

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Maximum Muscle Gain – 5 Ways To Pimp Your Workout

Dumbbell Rack

Every time you hit the gym you give it everything you have in the name of sweet gains. You engage Beast Mode or Machine Mode, you leave nothing behind, take no prisoners or kill your workout. So why is it you still feel that you are not making the progress you want to? It could…

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