How to Improve Your Whole Life

All my clients have one thing in common.  A drive to be successful in whatever they set out to achieve. I work with them to improve their mindset as well as their body and fitness. But I want to offer my clients so much more, the ability to become better in EVERY aspect of their…

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How To Relax When Your Brain Won’t Let You

  While most women will tell you that you don’t engage your brain often enough, the truth is that you probably OVER think. This inability to switch off is why you never feel relax or rested. Trying to unwind while your brain is still going over and over your fears and worries is like swimming…

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5 Essential Foods For Busy Commuters

  Eating the same thing day in day out, week after week is a great way to be consistent with your diet. Not only is that more boring than an episode of Eastenders, it’s also just as unrealistic. Something will always come up, whether it’s going on a course, a business meeting or just a…

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Is Perfection Really Worth The Effort?

  ‘Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence’ – or burn ourselves out and drive ourselves crazy. Trying to make something perfect is admirable and it’s going to get you a damn sight further than just putting up with ‘adequate’. At some point though it’s going to become counterproductive…

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The Smartest Fitness Accessory You’ll Buy This Year

  Every young whipper snapper clutches theirs in a bid to make themselves look more manly and alpha in the gym changing room. Of course I’m talking about their shaker cup. They’re still stuck in the paradigm where they think that downing a protein shake immediately after training and grunting loudly in the weights room…

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How To Improve The Quality Of Your Family Time

  As a self-employed family man, I used to think that I was either earning money or not earning money depending on whether I was working or not. Most of my clients tell me that at some point or another they have found themselves enslaved to their work in the pursuit of success, money &…

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8 Reasons You Look & Feel Like Crap In The Morning And How To Fix Them

  When you’ve had a rough night’s sleep it seems there’s no shortage of people queuing up to tell you just how bad you look. It’s like it’s open season to take a cheap shot at you and subtlety and politeness are put to one side. You’re probably well aware of the fact already, your…

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10 Tell-tale Signs You’re Seriously Stressed

10 tell-tale signs you’re seriously stressed

Seems that everyone I talk to these days is stressed. Over worked, under rested, too much to do, not enough time \ money etc etc….. Stress has almost become what a dog in a hand bag is to the ‘it’ girl – this seasons must have accessory. That’s not to suggest that stress isn’t a…

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Water 101 – How much do you need and when should you drink?

A glass of iced water

  It covers about 70% of the planet we live on and makes up about 2/3rds of our body. We know that water is essential to life – after all, without it there would be no beer. Or coffee. But is it the elixir of life or merely an essential resource that we spend too…

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21 Days To A New You? – The Reality of Habit Formation

Can you form new habits in just 21 days?

Everyone knows that it takes 21 days to form a new habit – but where does this convenient ‘one size fits all’ figure come from and how can we all be the same as each other? Well it actually started way back in the 1950’s when some chap called Dr Maltz observed that his patients…

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