8 Reasons You Look & Feel Like Crap In The Morning And How To Fix Them


When you’ve had a rough night’s sleep it seems there’s no shortage of people queuing up to tell you just how bad you look.

It’s like it’s open season to take a cheap shot at you and subtlety and politeness are put to one side.

You’re probably well aware of the fact already, your mood is far from cheery and the ability of other to point out the obvious makes you want to punch them in the face.

The worst part is often that there is no reason that you slept so badly.

Not one that you can identify anyway.

Gone are your teenage days when you could proudly claim to have stayed up all night drinking and wowing your girlfriend with your Duracell levels of stamina.

That life is long gone and it’s more likely to be something like a screaming baby or worrying about which room you’ll be forced to re-decorate next and when you’ll find the time to do it.

A lot of the disruptions to our sleep go unnoticed to our conscious minds though.  We can wake up for 2-3 minutes at a time, fall back to sleep and have no memory of it in the morning.

Too many of these occurrences each night though will leave you feeling like you’ve never been to bed.

The following things could be affecting you, or it could be a combination of several factors.

Luckily a lot of them are easily fixed, allowing you to look and think sharp.


You over think \ worry

You’re so damn busy all day with work, driving children around, working out and everything else that keeps you busy that you never have time to process anything.

As soon as you get into bed your mind unloads all the things you need to deal with and you lay awake thinking about them and getting nowhere.

By this time however, you’re too tired to be able to give these issues enough, if any brain power.

Instead, write down everything that’s on your mind and you can deal with it in the morning when you’re somewhat nearer your best.


You treated yourself to a lie in on a lazy Sunday morning

You get up early every day and Sunday might be your only true chance to catch up on your missed beauty sleep.

However, this could be ruining your sleep patterns for the week ahead as your body clock gets confused.

Trying to get to sleep on a Sunday night becomes almost impossible, you start stressing out about how tired you’re going to be and before you know it it’s only a few hours until that alarm screams at you to signal another week of ‘the grind’.

If you do want a lie in, try to limit it to about an hour and avoid sitting around all day doing nothing when you do get up otherwise you’ll feel too restless to sleep.


Your room is too bright

Street lights, alarm clocks & landing lights all add ambient light to the room.

You might not think it would make much difference but even this light can be enough to enter your eyes while you’re asleep – disrupting your sleep pattern by signalling to the brain that it should be awake.

If an eye mask is one step too far then try switching off all the lights, using blackout curtains, switching off non-essential electrical items or turning their displays away from you.


You had a night cap

I know you get a bit drowsy after a beer but that does not mean you will get a restful sleep.

Nor will drinking several alcoholic drinks put you ‘out’ for the night.

Although it sedates you initially, when your body has finished processing the alcohol in your system it will wake you up and disrupt your sleep.


You’re exhausted

That feeling when you’re numb with exhaustion and you cannot wait to get to bed.

But when you get there you find that you aren’t actually sleepy.

Exhaustion and tiredness are different things.  Often your mind and your body are at different stages of readiness to sleep.

If you try to go to bed too soon after getting home your body may be ready but your brain almost certainly won’t be.

Try and spend some time just switching off and relaxing before you go to bed.  You might think that this will give you less sleep but if that sleep is of a higher quality then you’ll feel better for it.


That last coffee is still working

The ‘mid-afternoon slump’ is one of the most challenging parts of the day.

You’ve worked hard all morning, eaten a nice lunch and then all you want to do in the afternoon is get Mediterranean and indulge in a siesta.

Sadly you won’t get much done that way so you reach for the coffee to see you through until home time.

Everyone is different when it comes to caffeine but its effects can last for anything between 6-12 hours after consumption.

If you plan to go to bed at 10pm (and you should) then a coffee at lunchtime or just after should be fine for most people.


It’s too hot

This can be tricky to deal with in the peak of summer but should be manageable the rest of the year.

Where possible, keep curtains and blinds shut in parts of the house that are facing the sun with the windows open in those that are in the shade.

A fan may not cool the room down but at least the flow of air will help to keep things feeling fresher and stop you from sweating as much.

The constant low level noise may also help to soothe you and keep you asleep even when there are noises outside that might otherwise wake you.


You’ve been using a screen to close to bed time

The world will not stop turning if you stop checking your phone.

Everything will still be there for you in the morning and checking your e-mail before you go to bed isn’t going to do anything other than give you something else to think about and disrupt your sleep further.

Not only can watching tv, using the laptop or your phone cause time to run away from you and you get to bed much later, it will also disrupt your sleep.

It will take your brain longer to allow you to fall into a deep sleep meaning you will feel less rested the following day.

Try and allow yourself a curfew when it comes to screen time.

If you find that you need help in relaxing before bed try reading a book or a magazine.

Or if you’re feeling REALLY lucky (or it’s your birthday), you could take a chance on telling your other half that a bit of ‘together time’ will benefit you both.

It’s probably a good idea to stock up on books and magazines!

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