5 Essential Foods For Busy Commuters


Eating the same thing day in day out, week after week is a great way to be consistent with your diet.

Not only is that more boring than an episode of Eastenders, it’s also just as unrealistic.


Something will always come up, whether it’s going on a course, a business meeting or just a change in your usual routine.

The temptation to shout ‘f*ck it’ and ditch your diet for the day can be very strong when you feel powerless to control what’s happening and what you can eat or drink.

However there are a few easy things you can do to stay bang on track with your diet without having to lug a huge packed lunch with you wherever you go.


  1. The trusty protein shake

One of the biggest problems with eating on the go is that most foods are low in protein.

As a general rule foods higher in protein will be more filling and subsequently you are less likely to overeat on calorie dense foods.

If you don’t want the hassle of checking the food labels on every food in the chiller cabinet, a protein shake is a great way to top up your protein levels.

By drinking the protein shake 20-30 minutes before you eat your appetite will be reduced and help you to make more sensible choices and control your portion sizes.

Protein powder is also great for travelling as it doesn’t suffer on hot days.


  1. Protein bars \ flapjacks

If it seems like I’m some kind of protein fanatic, it’s because I am!

Almost every client I work with eats insufficient levels of protein and this is mainly due to the sheer amount of convenience foods they eat while on the go.

Protein bars and flapjacks vary hugely in terms of taste, quality and nutritional composition.

Making your own at home ensures that you can customise them according to your own preferences or goals.

Great ingredients for homemade bars include nut butters, oats, dried fruit and protein powders.

If making your own sounds like too much of a ball ache I can highly recommend the Reload or Carb Killa bars by Grenade.


I will have a review of both up on the site very soon.


  1. Fruit

Carrying a banana around in the bottom of your bag all day is going to turn it into a black mushy mess.

There are plenty of fruits that stand up to the rigours of travel though.

In fact you can take just about any fruit on your travels with you if you are lucky enough to be able to find the lids to the million tupperware containers in your cupboard.


If you love bananas then invest in one of these bad boys.  You need to be ready for the obvious innuendos and questions about it though!

Of course there’s nothing to say that you actually need to take any fruit with you at all as nearly every coffee shop or deli sells fruit these days.

Don’t be worried about the sugar in fruit.  They contain so many vitamins, minerals, fibre and water that you shouldn’t ever worry about the sugar.

Try swapping your pastry for a piece of fruit, it’s far less calorie dense and will fill you up for longer.

Oh, maybe go skinny or sugar free on your favourite coffee while you’re there!


  1. Popcorn

Traditionally a staple in the cinema goers diet.  Usually covered in butter, salt or toffee.

However shop bought popcorn can be surprisingly low calorie relative to the food volume it offers.

Metcalfe’s make an excellent popcorn which comes in 6 great flavours.  At around  100 calories per bag they are ideal.

Not only that but as they are growing in popularity you can find them in lots of supermarkets, coffee shops or deli’s.


  1. Your phone

Ok, so maybe you can’t eat it but the trusty smartphone has become the ultimate travel companion in recent years.

You can use it to find your destination on the map, call the person you’re meeting when you get lost, or take a photo to document your journey.

But it can give you that extra accountability to stick to your diet on the move.

Calorie counting apps such as MyFitnesspal allow you to enter foods from popular chains very quickly and easily.

Tracking your food intake doesn’t have to be an exact science though.

There’s nothing wrong with finding something similar and counting that.

For example if you fancy a chicken salad sandwich from a local sandwich shop, just find an equivalent product and work from there.

Obviously in this example the deli sandwich will be bigger than a supermarket one.  Simply guesstimate how much bigger it is and multiply this in your app.

If you think the sandwich is about twice the size, just tell the app you ate 2 of the supermarket sandwiches.


Food for Thought?

Eating ‘on the go’ shouldn’t mean your diet goes out of the window.

There’s no need to obsess over every little detail though and making the best of what you have available is probably going to be good enough providing it’s the exception rather than the rule.

With a little planning however, you can minimise any damage and keep your stress levels and diet in check.


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